Monday, November 28, 2011

Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (Textile Handmade Toy)

I've been having a desire to sew such a long-legged Elk (Moose) toy for quite a long.
Two reasons for doing this appeared recently. Firstly, Christmas and New Year are coming and I regard The Elk as a Christmas animal :). Secondly, I'll be participating in a Christmas Handmade Fair soon. The fair is again named Mlyn (Mill), like the one that took place this spring (you can find my post about the spring handmade fair Mlyn here). So I'm starting to prepare for it.

Here it is, the long-legged Elk (Moose):

Handmade Toys Dolls - Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (right)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (front)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (top)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (left)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy
(head and horns)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy
(legs and hoofs)

P.S. I was about to post when I remembered that I wanted to write that the toy smells of coffee and cinnamon :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Handmade Toys: a Rocking Horse and a Doll with a Hare

These two handmade toys lives at little Sophia's in the city of Homiel (Belarus) now:

Handmade Toys Dolls - a Rocking Horse and a Doll with a Hare

Sophia decided by herself what toys to sew. From all of the toys that I had made before she especially liked rocking horses and dolls like this one. I had to sew these toys very quickly because Sophia was waiting for them eagerly and was asking her mother all the time when the horse would finally come to her. Her mother, Angela, answered that the horse and the doll would come to her in eight nights. I didn't want to disappoint the little girl and did my best to sew the toys in time and even quicker because they had to be sent by mail.

Angela wrote me soon that Sophia was so happy to get her horse and doll! What can be better to know that you made somebody happy?! ))

Handmade Dolls Toys -
a  Doll with a Hare (full)

Handmade Dolls Toys -
a  Doll with a Hare (top)

Handmade Dolls Toys -
a  Doll with a Hare (left)

Handmade Dolls Toys -
a  Doll with a Hare (hare)

Handmade Dolls Toys -
a  Doll with a Hare (back)

Handmade Dolls Toys - a  Doll with a Hare (shoes)

Handmade Rocking Horse

Handmade Rocking Horse

Handmade Rocking Horse

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feedback: A Girl with a Hare (Handmade Doll)

A few posts ago I wrote about A Girl with a Hare (handmade doll).
Now she lives here:

Handmade Dolls Toys - A Doll with a Hare (feedback)

It's a future nursery of Alexandra's (the new owner of the toy). The room has still being under repair - the photo was taken with the wallpapers as a background; there's also a flower that to be pinning the curtains it is the same colour as the lamp.
As you can see the doll suits nicely here )

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Doll with a Pink Hare and a Sleepy Tilda Angel (Handmade Toys)

These two (or three :)) toys now lives at their new master's place, a little three year old girl.

P.S. My customers liked the Hare character very much, so it'll be appearing quite often at my blog :)

Handmade Dolls Toys - A Doll with a Hare

Handmade Dolls Toys - A Sleepy Tilda Angel