Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hare Glove Doll (Handmade Toy)

Not long ago I was asked to sew a glove doll for a very little boy that "can talk" :). I liked the idea, because it is always interesting to try sewing something new. For inspiration I started browsing on the internet. I found and processed a lot of information and finally I made up my mind - I decided to sew a Japanese-style talking glove doll. Here's the hare doll I sewed:

Handmade Glove Doll - Hare

It is possible to unfasten the carrot, so it is more interesting for the baby to play with the toy. Also the Hare has a pocket on his belly for some surprises.

Handmade Hare Glove Doll
Hare - Handmade Glove Doll