Sunday, March 24, 2013

Handmade Doll - Blonde in Pink (or Tourist)

One very nice girl asked me to sew a special gift for her good friends, girls that work at a tourist company named "MagAvia-Service". In the company office there is "the pink corner" and everything in that Pink Corner is pink: pink paper clips, pink scissors, pink stickers and even a pink notebook.

Having thought about the idea of the gift I created such handmade doll: a blonde tourist girl... in PINK! :) with a suitcase full of various stuff that she will need in her enjoyable trips. Also there's a label on the suitcase with the name of the company that organized her trip :)

As I was later told, the blonde girl doll in pink fitted into the Pink Corner ideally and has been fixing the eyes of the company clients since she appeared.

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Tourist Blonde Girl Doll (suitcase)
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Tourist - Blonde Girl Doll (back)

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Blond Girl Doll in Pink (Tourist)