Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Tilda Angel Doll or How I Became a Fairy

One upon a time there was a girl Nina living in a Russian town. She dreamt of to be given a Tilda doll...
She wrote out her wish on a site where Fairies live who fulfil good girls' wishes. This site is devoted to Tilda toys and a game called "Wishes come true" is held on it. Turning over pages of the topic devoted to this game I read Nina's wish and decided to fulfil it. Thus I took part in this fairy game and, as a result, became a Fairy :)

Here we are - a lovely spring Tilda girl wearing a hat with an umbrella in her hands went to Russia to Nina Sudakova...

Handmade Tilda doll - Tilda Angel (full)

Handmade Tilda doll - Tilda Angel (collage)

... and she took some gifts with her: three pieces of fabric and a bar of Belarusian chocolate...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tilda Lady with a Dog or Fruitgarden Angel crafted by me

Not so long ago all Tilda fans have been looking forward to the new "Tildas Atelier" book by Tone Finnanger. Finally it came out. One of the new Tilda models in this book was so called Fruitgarden Angel. At first I was wondering why everybody was so excited about this doll. Why is this angel better than the others? And I made up my mind never to craft it. But... As they say: never say never.
My husband's former boss couldn't decide what to give his sister for her birthday and asked me whether I could make something special for her. I thought what doll would suit a respectable woman in her forties... and the image of this new Tilda angel came to my mind. To make it more respectable I decided to add a little dog to the composition and make such a lovely hairdo.

So here she is:

Handmade Tilda Toys - Fruitgarden Angel with a dog

Handmade Tilda Toys - Fruitgarden Angel with a dog (full)

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Spirit of Spring (my spring Tilda toys) Part III

One day while I was having a walk with my girls I started to take notice of how many there were young women who were going to have babies. Expecting your baby to be born is such an exciting state... All your thoughts and feelings are focused on this miracle to become true soon...
Being a mother twice I can't forget these feelings. Moreover, my elder daughter, Alesia, was born in spring too. How happy I was then!

So I devote my next Tilda doll to all girls and women who are expecting their children.
Here she is:

Handmade Tilda Toys: Expecting a Baby (Pregnant Tilda - full)

Handmade Tilda Toys: Expecting a Baby (Pregnant Tilda - face)