Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Spirit of Spring (my spring Tilda toys) Part II

The presence of the Spring is becoming more and more evident. The sun is shining, snow is melting and nature is waking up. And I'm feeling all these movements: the air around me is filled with positive fluids, my soul is singing.
Thanks to this cheerful mood I made these Tilda girls:

Tilda-Angel in a Flower Dress...

Tilda Toys - Angel in a Flower Dress (full)

Tilda Toys - Angel in a Flower Dress

... and Tilda Spring Girl

Tilda Toys - Spring Girl (full)

Tilda Toys - Spring Girl

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring gift exchange

I'm so happy today because I got such a nice surprise!

There is a "Spring gift exchange" game organized on my favourite family site where I spend much of my on-line time. The rules of this game is very simple: A chain of participants is organized (I would say self-organized). After the chain has been formed, the game coordinator sends the address of a person who will receive a present to each of the participants. To make the game more intriguing, the person who will receive your gift and the person who will send you her gift are different people.

So today I got my gift! And I'm so excited!

Handmade Gift

Thank you my Fairy, Helen Apanasevich (mashutka_99), very much indeed!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Spirit of Spring (my spring Tilda toys) Part I

Finally the spring came. After winter "hibernation" my soul desires bright colors and cheerful mood.
This desire is stimulated by a lovely holiday we celebrate in Belarus on the 8th of March - the Women's Day.
It's such a nice occasion to make happy your dear people and give them this feeling that has been surrounding me for the last several days.
So,  here the presents I gave to my mother and sister on the Women's Day.
My handmade spring Tilda tulips...

Tilda Toys - Tulips

Tilda Toys - Tulips (full)

... and these cheerful Tilda snails and a bunch of tulips I gave to the nice teachers in the kindergarten where my elder daughter, Alesia, goes:

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Ladybug

Tilda Toys - Snail with Pillows

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Dragonfly