Friday, March 11, 2011

The Spirit of Spring (my spring Tilda toys) Part I

Finally the spring came. After winter "hibernation" my soul desires bright colors and cheerful mood.
This desire is stimulated by a lovely holiday we celebrate in Belarus on the 8th of March - the Women's Day.
It's such a nice occasion to make happy your dear people and give them this feeling that has been surrounding me for the last several days.
So,  here the presents I gave to my mother and sister on the Women's Day.
My handmade spring Tilda tulips...

Tilda Toys - Tulips

Tilda Toys - Tulips (full)

... and these cheerful Tilda snails and a bunch of tulips I gave to the nice teachers in the kindergarten where my elder daughter, Alesia, goes:

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Ladybug

Tilda Toys - Snail with Pillows

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Dragonfly

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Ladybug

Tilda Toys - Snail with Pillows

Tilda Toys - Snail with a Dragonfly


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me which Tilda book contains the tulip pattern? I will be grateful!

Julia said...

Actually the tulip pattern is not taken from a Tilda book.
Send me your email and I'll send you this pattern.

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty! I couldn't resist asking. Thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Julia, I tried to join your site/blog but my screen just goes blank! Will keep trying. I would love to have a copy of the tulip pattern, if you could please email it to me?
Many thanks, in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia!

I just saw your beautiful creations in your blog! I am really new on sewing, I just finish my first tilda bunny. It was really exciting but a bit difficult for me. I saw some tilda tulips that you made! They are gorgeous! It would be great if you could email me this pattern? Thanks:-))

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