Friday, October 26, 2012

Sleepy Angels (Handmade Tilda Dolls)

These three handmade sleepy Tilda angels became farewell presents to three girls
Those three girls changed their jobs and left the firm where they had been working and their good friend asked me to sew the angel dolls for them.

Here they are:

Handmade Tilda Dolls - Sleepy Angel with a Bear Cub

Handmade Tilda Toys
Sleepy Angel with a Bear
Handmade Dolls
Bear Cub - Sleepy Tilda Angel
Handmade Toys Dolls
Sleepy Tilda Angel
Handmade Tilda Doll
Sleepy Angel
Tilda Toys Handmade
Sleepy Angel
Tilda Dolls Handmade
Sleepy Angel
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Handmade Teapot Cover

This teapot cover was ordered by Zarina, a girl who likes tea very much. She wanted both to keep the warmth of her favourite drink and to decorate the kitchen with a doll. And she made up her mind that the ideal solution would be to make a teapot that looks like a doll. I suggested that the prototype of the doll would be the heroine of the "Merchant's Wife" picture by Boris Kustodiev. Zarina liked the idea very much because, as it turned out, she liked the pictures created by this painter.
Some "technical details":
The warmth is saved by means of the skirt made from wadding.
Also, it is the first doll sewed by me that has a breast (What a merchant's wife it is if she hasn't got a breast?! Everybody who is familiar with the creations of Boris Kustodiev knows that all his models were rather plump)

Handmade Dolls Toys - Teapot Cover

Handmade Teapot Cover
Merchant's Wife
Handmade Doll
Teapot Cover (top)
Merchant's Wife (Kustodiev)
Handmade Teapot Cover
Handmade Toy
Teapot Cover
Handmade Teapot Cover
Merchant's Wife by Kustodiev