Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wedding (Bride and Groom Handmade Dolls)

There was a wedding of Kate and Victor in the end of July this year. This pair of "just married" handmade dolls was ordered by the bride's sister. It was really interesting for me to work on these dolls because I had to re-create the characters as close to the real people as possible. Especially, I paid much attention to the bride: her hair, tiara, dress, shoes; as well as to the bride-groom: hair, suit, and... glasses :)

Handmade Toys Dolls
Bride and Bride-groom Dolls

Handmade Toys
Wedding Dolls - Bride and Bride-groom

Wedding Handmade Dolls - Bride
Handmade Wedding Dolls - Bride (tiara)
Wedding Handmade Toys - Bride Doll (back)
Wedding Doll Handmade - Bride (shoes)
Handmade Wedding Dolls - Bride-groom
Wedding Handmade Doll - Bride-groom (top)
Handmade Wedding Toy - Bride-groom (shoes)
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pippi Longstocking - Handmade Doll

Three weeks ago a new children's footwear shop "Pippi" was opened in Salihorsk, Belarus. This "Pippi Longstocking" handmade doll became the symbol of the shop.

Handmade Toys Dolls - Pippi Longstocking

It's worth noting that this is my first doll sewed in such a style. The idea of a doll like this I had been nurtured for a long time, luckily the owners of the shop, a young couple, Alexander and Angela, asked me to sew the doll.
I liked the doll very much much, so do my clients :)

Handmade Pippi
Longstocking Doll
Pippi Longstocking
Handmade Doll
Handmade Toys
Pippi Longstocking (feet)
Pippi Longstocking
Handmade Doll (head)
Handmade Toy
Longstocking Pippi (back)