Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring gift exchange

I'm so happy today because I got such a nice surprise!

There is a "Spring gift exchange" game organized on my favourite family site where I spend much of my on-line time. The rules of this game is very simple: A chain of participants is organized (I would say self-organized). After the chain has been formed, the game coordinator sends the address of a person who will receive a present to each of the participants. To make the game more intriguing, the person who will receive your gift and the person who will send you her gift are different people.

So today I got my gift! And I'm so excited!

Handmade Gift

Thank you my Fairy, Helen Apanasevich (mashutka_99), very much indeed!

Here what was in the parcel I got at the post-office:

Helen, thank you very much again for your gift!


Манюня said...

Ух-ты!!! Юль, поздравляю тебя и твоих принцессок! Вот уж всем угодили!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

Спасибо Маша, самое интересное, что там всё handmade, ну кроме книг )

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