Friday, May 6, 2011

Dreams Come True or How Fairy Found Me

I wrote about the Wishes come true game when I became a Fairy.
Yesterday My Fairy finally found me!!! My dream came true!!!
Now I've got a lovely pet at my house - a beautiful sheep. I called her Shantee. She's so nice and delicate. Look at her:

Handmade toys - Fairy's gift (full)

Handmade toys - Fairy's gift (Shantee)

Handmade toys - Fairy's gift (Shantee and Shantik)

As you can see Shantee has a toy of her own - a small boy Shantik.

Handmade toys - Fairy's gift (Shantik)

Moreover, Shantee brought some gifts with her - a bar of delicious white chocolate and a bunch of tapes and ribbons.

And above all - my Fairy's name is Daria Yankovskaya (Lunara).
Thank you very much indeed, My Fairy, for this fabulous delivery!

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