Saturday, February 2, 2013

Daniusik and Nikitka - Handmade Sleepy Angels for Boys (Tilda Dolls)

I was asked to sew a pair of handmade sleepy angels for two boys: Danila and Nikita. Danila has just had an important event in his life - he was baptised. So the sleepy angles with the "Daniusik" label on his pillow became a present to the boy for this event. And the second angel ("Nikitka") is for his brother Nikita.

Handmade Tilda Dolls - Sleepy Tilda Angels

Handmade Tilda Toys - Sleepy Angel
Handmade Dolls Toys - Sleepy Tilda Angel
Handmade Sleepy Tilda Angel
Sleepy Angel - Handmade Tilda Doll


sweet dreams said...

Very nice works Julia!

Come to visit mine workshop! Feel free...bye

Sabina said...

Aaah, sweet! So sweet!

Carmen Gonzalez said...

Very cute. What size are them?

Julia said...

Carmen Gonzalez, Thank you.Their size is 30 cm. But you can make them larger or smaller.

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