Sunday, May 26, 2013

Handmade Toy: Inspired By Child's Drawing

This is an experimental handmade toy.
A friend of mine showed me this picture that her daughter drew and asked me whether I could sew such a fantastic animal.

Handmade Toy - Fantastic Animal (drawing)

Of course I agreed - it's always interesting to try to make something entirely new and I wanted to make the girl happy.
Here's what I made:

Handmade Toys - Fantastic Animal Toy

As I was later told (after the present had been given), it is difficult to put into words how the girl was happy.
So the experiment was successful!


Sew,ray,me said...

Wow! That is absolutely amazing!

Julia said...

Thank you very much, Rachael )

Sabina said...

Yes,it's realy fantastic!!!!

Julia said...

Thank you, Sabina )

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