Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boss - Handmade Doll

I was very interested when I got this order mainly because this was supposed to be a portrait handmade doll.

It was the first time I had drawn the face of a doll to be similar to the face in a photo (before this I had only drawn... well... just faces :) )

And I'm happy to inform you that this first try was successful! But unfortunately, I can't present a photo of the man to compare, I was asked not to do it.

So, please welcome, the Boss, the head of one the famous companies in Belarus, a comprehensively developed person who likes snowboarding so much! ))

Handmade Dolls Toys - Boss (Snowboarding)
Handmade Doll - Snowboarding Boss
Boss (Snowboard) - Handmade Toys
Handmade Toy - Snowboard


Nadzeika said...


Sabina said...

He's so good looking!
Julia, have a great day!

Julia said...

Thank you, Sabina! Have a great day, too! :)

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