Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recalling New Year…

It’s snowing hard… -13 C… My desire of warmth is so understandable. I’d better go to the kitchen and make a cup of flavored tea. Suddenly my elder daughter comes to me and asks:
-          Mum, when will New Year come again?
-          My daughter, you can ask New Year to come to you again any time, just close your eyes and remember. And it’ll come from your memory
So we both close our eyes and dive into our memories: the Christmas tree, our daughters playing on the carpet, my husband sitting in the armchair and reading a book and me sitting beside them and making these lovely Tilda kitties to give as Christmas presents to my mother and sister…

Tilda Toys - Cats (black and white)

Tilda Toys - Cats (red and white)

Tilda Toys - Flying Cats

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