Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sleepy Tilda-Angels

I fell in love with them at first sight. These sweet little beings radiate such warmth and tenderness, so I decided that my little daughters should certainly have such dream-keepers. Now, the red-haired Tilda angel guards my younger Uljana’s dreams, and the fair-haired one in red looks after my elder daughter, Alesia.

Tilda Toys - Sleepy Angels

Tilda Toys - Sleepy Angel 1
Tilda Toys - Sleepy Angel 2

And this lovely couple flew away to a nursery of two nice children, Dasha and Misha. I believe these angels bring happiness to those children.

Tilda Toys - Sleepy Angels (for Misha and Dasha)



Манюня said...

Какие зайки с ангелочками!!!! Бусечки!

Julia said...

Спасибо, Машуля! Дети их просто обожают :)

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