Monday, December 12, 2011

Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy - Part II (Textile Handmade Toy)

I didn't want the elk (moose) in a blue sweater to be lonely, so I sewed him a brother ))
His younger brother turned out to be more tanned as if he had just come from the Mediterranean sea )
These two brother elks will go to the Mlyn handmade fair to find a new house for themselves.

Handmade Toys Dolls - Long-Legged Elk (Moose) Toy (right)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk
(Moose) Toy (top-right)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk
(Moose) Toy (front)

Handmade Long-Legged Elk
(Moose) Toy (top)

P.S. This tanned elk toy also smells of coffee, cinnamon and a little bit of vanilla


Ivana Watkins said...

Very beautiful! And you got my three favorite scents there as well - coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. Perfect :)

Julia said...

Ivana, thank you very much for your warm words

Aniette said...

, что кукла такая красивая!
Привет из Испании.
que muñeca tan bonita !!!
saludos desde España.

Julia said...

Thank you, Aniette )

Salma Ashiq said...

Oh looks how so cute !!!Its impressive i'll try my level best to make same like as.......

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