Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair, Minsk, Belarus, 2011, December

Three days of the Christmas handmade Mlyn (Mill) Fair have finally passed. It gathered about a hundred handmade masters from all over Belarus. Masters working in different areas presented their works: textile toys, batik, floristics, decoupage, knitting, fulling, leather work, wood- and stone-carving, beading, embroidery, clay work, wickerwork, coopery... It's hard to enumerate them all...

At the craft fair I got acquainted with a lot of people, experienced positive emotions by communicating with other masters and visitors of the fair.
It's very pleasant to realise that people like your works very much. It's so inspiring ))

Here are the pictures from the craft fair.
My stand...

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Handmade Dolls Toys (Julia's stand)

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Handmade Toys Dolls (table with toys)

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Tilda Angels, Sleepy Angel

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Handmade Textile Dolls

... and here are the works of other masters I managed to take photos of...

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Wooden Storks

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - Pictures made from Leather

Mlyn - Christmas Handmade Fair - National Costumes


Marianne said...

you make beautiful things ! I love Tilda to!
greatings Marianne

Julia said...

Thank you, Marianne :)

ирина said...

ура! Хоть у тебя увидела фото с Млына! Мои зависли намертво в чужом фотике. Оч. приятно все посмотреть и вспомнить - там классно было!

Julia said...

Ирочка, да, всё было просто здорово. Очень много положительных эмоций :) Хочу ещё :)

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