Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Everyone can dance the classics" (Handmade Doll - Santa - Ballet Dancer)

"Everyone can dance the classics", this is what one teacher in a ballet school likes to say.

A very good friend of her asked me to sew a doll for the her. She wanted an original and exclusive handmade doll that should be associated with Christmas, New Year and ballet simultaneously. And it certainly should incarnate the phrase mentioned above ("everyone can dance the classics").

That's how this nice stout Santa in a tutu and pointes was born:

Handmade Dolls Toys - Handmade Santa - Ballet Dancer Doll (full)

Handmade Doll - Ballet Santa
in tutu

Handmade Toy - Santa
with a bag

Handmade Doll - Santa
ballet dancer


debgoud said...

very very nice!What a funny thought!

Nadzeika said...

убила))))))))))) просто супер!

Julia said...

debgoud, thank you very much
Nadzeika, спасибо. Самой результат очень нравится, тихо млею от него :)

gala2808 said...

Действительно, оригинально и прикольно! Ну и фантазия у вас девушка, надо же- Санта на пуантах! Очень понравился!

Julia said...

gala2808, спасибо! Этот Санта - плод совместной работы: моей и заказчицы

Алеся said...

Класс!!! Я валяюсь под столом! Молодчина!!!

Julia said...

Алеся, :))) Спасибо

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