Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some more Christmas and New Year Handmade Toys...

By publishing this post I want to finish my Christmas and New Year series.

1. Handmade Christmas Trees
I sewed three such Christmas trees. My daughters took two of them to the Christmas exhibition at their kindergarten. The third one was sold at the Mlyn Christmas craft fair.

Handmade Toys Dolls - Christmas Tree Toys

2. Gingerbread Men - Handmade Toys
These are tinted handmade toys with the flavour of coffee and cinnamon. The icing on them was made by acrylic paints. Some of these funny guys have buttons made from cinnamon sticks.

Handmade Toys Dolls - Gingerbread Men Toys

3. Snow Maiden Handmade Doll
Just a Snow Maiden doll with a bag for wishes in her hands :)

Handmade Toys Dolls - Snow Maiden Doll

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Ivana Watkins said...

Hi Julia! How have you been! I hope I'll be able to make an order for one of your toys in the next couple of days. I will let you know of course. Have a great day,


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